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Mariano Rivera to Return in 2013

A torn ACL in Kansas City wasn't enough to make the greatest closer of all time finally hang them up for good.

Otto Greule Jr

Shortly after tearing his ACL on the warning track in Kansas City, Mariano Rivera vowed that he wasn't going to go out like that. At his age, there was immediate fear that maybe he'd decide it was time to walk away, but Rivera seemed determined that his amazing career wouldn't be ended by some fluke injury from shagging fly balls. When the 2012 season ended, more questions surrounded the return of number 42, but GM Brian Cashman announced today that Rivera has told him he would officially like to pitch again in 2013.

The Yankees and Rivera will need to work out the details of a new contract before it is official. It seemed like 2012 might have been the farewell tour for Mo if his season hadn't ended early on, so it's likely that those rumors will be ever-present again from the time pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training until Rivera confirms or denies one way or another. Judging by his response to them last year, he won't be giving up that information easily. We should consider ourselves lucky that we'll get to see at least one more year of the best closer of all time either way.