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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread


The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Thanksgiving, kids. I am thankful that we already know for sure that we will definitely see more Hiroki Kuroda next year. #HIROK mania. Feel free to answer the following Thanksgiving-related questions if you need a conversation starter.

1. Which Yankee are you most thankful for of the current team?

2. Which Yankee of any era are you most thankful of having the privilege to watch play this silly game?

3. Favorite Thanksgiving food--go.

For me, it would be:

1. Robinson Cano. It isn't every day that you get a chance to watch a middle infielder dominate the game like Bobinson, 2012 playoffs aside.

2. Mariano Rivera. Very easy to take the ultimate shutdown reliever for granted.

3. Mashed potatoes.