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MLB Hot Stove Open Thread

Things are happening. Discuss them.

Jim McIsaac

Word on the Twitter is that the Angels have traded Dan Haren to the Cubs for Carlos Marmol. What? Really? I'm both shocked and sad. I'd have loved Dan Haren to be a Yankee.


Source: Marmol would have OK'ed trade to , but pulled deal off table and trade is not happening. Angels talking to other clubs.

The Yankees made qualifying offers to Rafael Soriano, Nick Swisher, and Hiroki Kuroda today. Soriano and Swisher are expected to decline, while rumors are that the qualifying is in the ballpark to get a one-year deal done with Kuroda.

Josh Hamilton is said to be seeking seven years and $175 million dollars. Oh.

Red Sox are said to be close to a two-year/$26 million dollar deal with David Ortiz. Good luck with that.