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Tigers 3, Yankees 0: Well...

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The Yankees dropped Game 2 of the ALCS, after some terrible hitting and some terrible umpiring.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

I just don't know what to say anymore. The Tigers took a 2-0 lead in the ALCS, defeating the Yankees 3-0.

Let's get the one positive out of the way. Hiroki Kuroda was great. Kuroda went 7.2 innings allowing just three runs (only one of which should really be on him) on five hits striking out 11. Hirok was perfect through five innings, until Jhonny Peralta ld off the sixth with a single.

What wasn't good was the offense. The Yankees were held to just three hits, and outside of the first, where they had two on and two out for Russell Martin, they never really threatened.

The Tigers broke through in the seventh. Quintin Berry led off with a ground rule double, and went to third on a single by Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees should have gotten out of this jam without giving up a run though. Prince Fielder struck out. And then Delmon Young hit one to Jayson Nix which should have been a double play. Nix got it to Robinson Cano at first for one out, but Cano bobbled it trying to throw it over to first, and never got a throw off. Berry scored and the Tigers lead.

With the way the Yankees were hitting, it looked like one run would have been hard enough to overcome, but what happened in the top of the eighth made it even tougher. With two outs, Omar Infante singled. Austin Jackson then singled to Nick Swisher, who threw to Cano at second base. Infante over ran the bag, and was tagged out by Cano. Except that the second base umpire called him safe. Had the correct call been made, the Kuroda and the Yankees are out of the inning, and the score remains 1-0. But the wrong call was made.

Boone Logan was brought in to relieve Kuroda and promptly gave up a single to Avisail Garcia, which scored Infante. Joba Chamberlain was brought in for Logan. (During said pitching change, Joe Girardi was ejected for arguing the bad call.) Chamberlain gave up a single to Cabrera to make the score 3-0, and making the Yankees' mountain even tougher to climb.

The Yankees couldn't get anything going in the eighth or ninth, and the Tigers won 3-0. Since the Yankees never scored, it's easy to say that the blown call didn't mean anything. But after the ninth inning yesterday, that line of thinking is nonsense. Yes, the Yankees didn't score and would've lost even if the correct call was made. That doesn't make it okay.

The ALCS takes a break tomorrow, as the series shifts to Detroit. Hopefully a day off will do something for this team.