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CC Carries Yankees to ALCS Date with Detroit

We're in the ninth inning now with CC out on the mound to try to finish his four-hitter and send the Yankees to the ALCS against Detroit.

Adam Jones lifts a soft fly ball to Brett Gardner in left for out number one. His series average has fallen to an abysmal .077. CC then strikes out Davis (victim number nine), bringing up Wieters as Buck's last hope. He hits one back to the mound, and one more CC throw later, it's all over!

The Yankees are going to the ALCS against Detroit on the back of CC Sabathia's tremendous four-hitter. What a performance.

Tanya will be up with a full recap shortly. Celebrate the ALDS win and congratulations to the Orioles for playing the Yankees hard until the very end. A tip of the hat to Buck Showalter.

Get ready for Game 1 tomorrow night!