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Eighth Inning Anxiety Calmed by CC

CC ran into trouble starting the 8th, giving up a single to Wieters and a walk to Machado to put runners on first and second with no one out. That brings up Mark Reynolds, who gets ahead on CC, 3-1, but he puts two strikes by him for the first out!

Next up is Lew Ford, who lines a base hit through the left side to give the Oriolrs their first run. It's now 3-1, still with runners on first and second and one out. Boston killer Robert Andino up with the scorching McLouth on deck. CC gets him to two strikes, then Andino hits a dribbler to CC's left. He gets to it and throws to second for the force, but too late. Based loaded for McLouth with the tying run in scoring position.

CC gets two quick strikes, throws one out of the zone, then comes up with a huge whiff! Sabathia's eighth K of the day brings Game 4 hero up with the bases still loaded, not out of danger yet. CC's up to 107 pitches, but he gets Hardy to hit one slowly toward shortstop, uncomfortably similar to Andino's knock. This time, it's hit hard enough for Jeter to get to it and throw out Hardy!

In the bottom of the eighth, Ichiro takes a one-out walk, and the highest-drafted LOOGY Brian Matusz comes in to get Cano on a double play.

Three more outs to go. CC's coming back in the ninth with Rafael Soriano waiting in the wings to come in and help him #Untuck if he needs help.

Keep calm and CC on.