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Runs?? RUNS!!

The Yankees finally dented home plate while I was subwaying over to the Stadium! Yes, I'm only getting there now. Blame the 5:00 start time and absolutely horrid traffic getting to New York. While CC did his CC thing and held the Orioles to a Wieters walk in two innings, the Yanks tallied a run in each off Hammel.

Mark Teixeira blooped a single for the Yanks' first base knock, then surprised the crowd with a stolen base! That brought up the New York's newest hero, Raul Ibanez, who finally gave the Yanks a hit with runners in scoring position to center. A 1-0 lead for CC! Raul was erased on a Swish double play, but Grandy broke his offensive drought with a base hit and stolen base. However, Russ flew out to strand him.

In the bottom of the frame, Jeter took a one-out walk, then shook off the pain of the bone bruise on his foot to score on a much-appreciated double to right-center. A two-run lead?? What??

I arrived with my friend at my blustery seat in the last row of section 409. Can't get any higher than here! Check my Twitter for a shot, it's ridiculous. Meanwhile. CC absolutely mowed down the O's in the top of the seventh.

I said in a post recently that CC needed to be like Chris Carpenter was in his NLDS Game 5 start last year with St. Louis, and he has met the challenge to a "T." One hit and one walk through seven, what a gem! Let's see if he stays in having thrown just 82 pitches. My money is on "yes" because he's been dominant and CC typically has a long leash.

Also, Grandy just took the lefty Troy Patton deep to left and this place went berserk. 3-0 now and it's wonderful to see Grandy breaking his slump.

Stay calm and CC on.