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CC Sharp, Offense Quiet at Outset

Well we're underway in this pivotal Game 5 to see who will face the Tigers in the ALCS. Ace CC Sabathia looked terrific in his first frame, needing only 10 pitches to retire the side. He finished with a strikeout of Adam Jones, who would fit in very well in this lineup of struggle right now. Buck Showalter switched him and Chris Davis to see if that would get him going. We'll see.

Jason Hammel just struck out Derek Jeter on a borderline pitch. He was not pleased at all with the call. Lovely beginning. Ichiro and Cano were retired as well, so we move to the second with not much to report of yet from the Bronx. Where's Jim Leyritz when you need him?

CC's back to work for the second and gets a nice play by Russ behind the plate. All aboard the Russ bus! He's certainly been good on plays like that. CC finished the second by striking out the slumping Matt Wieters and rookie Manny Machado. It looks like the big guy brought his good stuff, which the Yankees and their offense badly need. Can the Yanks get a run from somewhere? Inside-the-park little league homer on errors? I'd sign up, and figure out how to make GIFs. Yanks offense still quiet in the second, going down in order against Hammel again.

Both pitchers are perfect through two. Don Larsen's getting nervous. Actually, no. He's not.