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Ibanez the Invincible/Bottom 12

Tanya: Love that defense from Tex.

Steve: He's doing a great job on one leg.

Tanya: All the more impressive.

Steve: Sort of the opposite of the famous Billy Martin play there. More like a famous Giants one, where Christy Mathewson didn't call the ball and both Chief Myers and Fred Merkle let it drop...

Tanya: I guess that's on D-Rob. He needs to get out of the way in that case.

Tanya: Did he really? He did.

Steve: I called that one, Tanya!

Tanya: You did!

Steve: They'll put his plaque in Monument Park tonight.

Tanya: I'll fund it.

Steve: And on that generous note, we conclude until Game 4.

Tanya: Wow.