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A Farewell of Sorts and a New Beginning

The more things stay the same, the more things change. Yes, that inversion is purposeful. This wonderful year of 2012, just half over, has been spectacularly tumultuous for me personally, but no change seems more dramatic than this one: this is the last Pinstriped Bible entry at YES. The Bible and the Big Thumbs Up have been associated going back almost to the network’s founding, but as George Harrison sang, all things must pass, and it’s time to move on.

The good news is that the Pinstriped Bible is not ending, but simply moving. I recently joined Vox Media’s SB Nation as a writer and roving editor, and the Pinstriped Bible will be coming with me, merging with their present Yankees site, Pinstripe Alley. In short order, you will see the PB flag rise there, with more of me than, alas, I have been able to put to paper in this space for most of this season. You can see my first entry there today.

I want to thank the great colleagues and patrons I’ve had over the years here at YES, including, but not limited to, Fred Harner, Will Weiss, Jon Lane, Chris Corbellini, Jen Royle, Bob Lorenz, and the ever-patient, always jocular Kevin Sullivan.

Change is frightening, but also exciting. I’ve had a great time here at YES, watching it snow on the upper floors of the Chrysler Building but not on the street, sampling Bob’s infinite stash of M&Ms, and writing about the Yankees. This best-of-all-worlds change of venue means that I get less candy, but I do get a chance to do some new things in Yankees coverage, including more writing, working with a larger staff than ever before, and teaming up with a baseball writer I’ve long admired and have had the honor to call "friend," Rob Neyer.

I very much hope I can count on you continuing to read the ol’ PB as I take this next step in its evolution. I don’t have to encourage you to keep reading and watching the fine folks at YES, because of course you will. Once again, a gigantic thank you to YES for all of the good times, for the very opportunity, in fact. I will always be grateful. See you around the ballpark, fellahs.