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The Yankees Have the Best Pitching in Baseball, At Least Right Now

If you will forgive my picking a somewhat arbitrary starting point, that is. On May 18, Andy Pettitte and Boone Logan combined to shut out the Reds on four hits. Nothing special happened after that--the Yankees lost their next three games. However, I included those game just to give the picture some balance. In the 22 games from the Pettitte-Logan shutout onward, here is how the Yankees rank in runs allowed per game in the American League. Note the Twins and the Rays; pitching doesn't guarantee you get the record you would think it earns. You have to have offense too, and the Yankees have, averaging 4.7 runs per game during the period in question.

Yankees 3.2 15-7
Angels 3.5 15-7
Rays 3.6 11-11
Royals 4.0 9-13
Athletics 4.0 6-16
Red Sox 4.2 11-11
White Sox 4.5 16-6
Mariners 4.5 11-11
Tigers 4.6 10-12
Orioles 4.8 10-12
Indians 4.9 11-11
Rangers 4.9 11-11
Jays 5.1 10-12
Twins 5.1 13-9