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March Madness

Well, come on now, what do you mean there's something else going on in the sports world besides brackets? Feel free to share your picks (or make fun of mine) in the comments!

Round of 64
Kentucky over MVST/WKY Every year Kentucky's won the tournament save 1948, the Yankees have won the World Series.
UConn over Iowa State
Wichita State over VCU I don't believe in teams being Cinderellas two years in a row.
Indiana over New Mexico State Indiana's one of my favorite teams in the tournament.
UNLV over Colorado
Baylor over S. Dakota State
Xavier over Notre Dame Need some A10 love.
Duke over Lehigh

Round of 32
Kentucky over UConn Nothing personal (I know, hard to believe from a Cuse girl). Kentucky's just better
Indiana over Wichita State
Baylor over UNLV
Duke over Xavier So much for A10 love

Sweet 16
Indiana over Kentucky Before you look at me like that, Indiana did beat Kentucky in one of the year's better games.
Baylor over Duke I don't like Duke.

Elite Eight
Indiana over Baylor

Round of 64
Syracuse over UNC-Asheville Even without Fab Melo, they'll get past the first round....right?
Kansas State over Southern Miss
Vanderbilt over Harvard
Wisconsin over Montana
Cincinnati over Texas I followed Texas basketball closely for a good portion of the season (long story). I'm kind of surprised they made the tournament at all.
Florida State over St. Bonaventure FSU is probably another team I like way more than I should.
Gonzaga over West Virginia
Ohio State over Loyola MD

Round of 32
Syracuse over Kansas State This game becomes a lot, lot more interesting without Fab Melo.
Wisconsin over Vanderbilt
Florida State over Cincinnati
Ohio State over Gonzaga

Sweet 16
Wisconsin over Syracuse I had Syracuse losing in this round before the loss of Melo. I know, I'm a horrible, horrible fan.
Florida State over Ohio State

Elite Eight
Florida State over Wisconsin Florida's such a fun place to visit, isn't it?

Round of 64
Michigan State over LIU
Memphis over St. Louis Not a huge C-USA fan.
New Mexico over Long Beach State
Louisville over Davidson
Murray State over Colorado State
Marquette over BYU/Iona I don't get why there's a play-in game for a 14 seed, but the NCAA is weird.
Florida over Virginia
Missouri over Norfolk State

Round of 32
Michigan State over Memphis
New Mexico over Louisville
Marquette over Murray State
Missouri over Florida

Sweet 16
Michigan State over New Mexico
Missouri over Marquette That's a lot of schools that start with M, just saying...

Elite Eight
Missouri over Michigan State
Round of 64
Creighton over Alabama I know nothing about Creighton but I keep hearing it mentioned so....
Temple over Cal/USF More A10 love!
Michigan over Ohio
SDSU over NC State
Georgetown over Belmont
St. Mary's over Purdue
Kansas over Detroit

Round of 32
UNC over Creighton I don't really like UNC, but can't bring myself to pick against them here.
Michigan over Temple Oh, A10...
Georgetown over SDSU
Kansas over St. Mary's

Sweet 16
Michigan over UNC
Kansas over Georgetown

Elite Eight
Kansas over Michigan

Final Four
Indiana over Florida State I think FSU is probably one of the more underrated teams in the tournament, but I still like Indiana more.
Kansas over Missouri Really, I just tossed a coin here.

Indiana over Kansas I said Indiana was my favorite team, didn't I?