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New York Yankee News: Friday Morning

Rafael Soriano, the Most Hated Yankee? Here's the great thing about Soriano's contract: if he'd been great, he could have opted out and signed for more money elsewhere, but since he's been terrible and hurt, he's sure to take the Yankees' $11M in 2012 with a $14M option in 2013!

Thanks, Hank!

Nick Swisher sounds a little more like Johnny Damon every day. This time, there's a phantom injury Swisher won't discuss even though he's the one who brought it up. He's hit .238/.333/.524, all singles and homers in the last 2 weeks, so while I'd like those numbers up a little on the batting average (and therefore OBP), I can live with whatever hurt he's feeling.

Or Swish can sit, we'll play Russell Martin in RF and Jesus Montero behind the plate.

Robertson and Rivera could carry the Yankees in October writes John Harper, but I'd much rather get the rotation figured out. We had great bullpens in '04 and '05, too.

Speaking of '04, seeing Scott Proctor back on the mound made me think of that incredible year when he posted a 1.7 WHIP and a 5.40 ERA. Is that a fond memory for someone?

Who in the Yankee front office has not seen enough of what he's capable of that he's back on the team and pitching meaningful innings when Betances, Brackman, Noesi and Wheelan are all on the 40-man, but not pitching?