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New York Yankees News Recap: Selig, Grandy and Dellin

Before Bug Selig retires, he wants to implement changes, including a second wild card team in each league. Do you approve of what he's selling?

  • The Yankees own Curtis Granderson was named the AL Player of the Month for August. The centerfielder OPS'd 1.080 over 131 PA last month and has a shot at winning the MVP.
  • One of the more intriguing call-ups this month could be 6'8" righthander Dellin Betances. The Brooklyn native had a fine season between Double- and Triple-A: 126.1 IP, 3.70 ERA, 102 H, 70 BB, 142 K.
  • Does Yankee Stadium need to adjust its cameras in order to conclusively show whether fan interference has taken place on disputed home runs?
  • After Eduardo Nunez committed two errors yesterday in the midst of an 0-4 game, Wally Matthews ripped into him
  • My favorite commentator on YES is, by far, Ken Singleton. If you want to learn more about him and his opinions, check out an interview he did with FanGraphs. It's definitely worth the time.
  • Since the Yankees will be on the road this Sunday (in Anaheim), they held a 9/11 tribute ceremony before yesterday's contest against Baltimore.
  • And then to cheer you up, check out a clip from Entourage featuring some guys you might recognize.
  • Yankee caps appear in places you'd never expect... like Libya.
  • Pepsi announced its Field of Dreams roster, which includes two former Yankees, Randy Johnson and Reggie Jackson. Next week, four lucky fans will start campaigning for a chance to play the actual team with their friends.