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New York Yankees News: 9/6/2011

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With the word coming out that all six starters are going to get one more turn, we are no nearer to the answer of how the rotation will be trimmed to five, then four (or even three) for the playoff run.  Like Joe Girardi has said, the final ordering of the rotation is something that should wait as long as possible, as Bartolo Colon, Ivan Nova, and Freddy Garcia have all had peaks and valleys in their season.

If the playoffs start tomorrow and there's a gun to my head, I'd want Ivan Nova and Bartolo Colon behind CC Sabathia, with Freddy Garcia playing the role of 2010 AJ - the Game 4 starter in any best of seven series.  But, with a few starts remaining for everyone, nothing (outside of CC) is set in stone.

But, I would also want CC Sabathia on short rest as much as possible.  Is there reason to be concerned about pitching CC on five days rest for a big chunk of August and September and then three days rest as soon as the playoffs start?  If you asked CC, I'm sure he'd say no, but he also hasn't been shy to be less than thrilled with the concept of a six man rotation.

With the huge amount of rain delays back-loading the schedule, I understand the sentiment, but I don't see much to be gained through delay.  With either Phil Hughes or A.J. Burnett on the block (and, if we're being honest, it's 80/20 to be Hughes), why not move everyone to their normal rest and keep Starter #6 stretched out in long relief if a spot start is called for?

A few things:

  • Jesus Montero had a huge game yesterday, hitting two home runs (Video here), but John Sterling's catchphrase of "Jesus is loose" left some a little let down.  I've heard "Jesus gives them The Full Monty" suggested.
  • If you enjoy Brett Gardner admiration, ImGivingYouAnArticle.   (Not by IGYAR, so don't worry, there's nothing graphic.)
  • On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is maximum rest and preparation for the playoffs with minimum effort to win the division, and 10 is minimum rest and preparation for the playoffs with maximum effort to win the division, how would you manage?  Currently, I'd rate myself at a five or a six, but the more games the Yankees win and the more games the Rays and Angels lose, the more I'd see myself transitioning to a three or a four.