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New York Yankees 11 - Baltimore Orioles 10

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On a day when they needed every run they could get to hold off the Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees super-prospect Jesus Montero hit two opposite field bombs, giving a taste of the ability that has had the organization so excited for the past few years. First, Montero untied an 8-8 game in the bottom of the fifth with a solo shot, and then expanded the lead to 11-8 with a two run homer in the bottom of the seventh.

Wow. With both home runs coming off of right-hander Jim Johnson (who had only allowed 3 HR in 76.2 innings before today), Montero may have taken a step towards playing himself out of the "only DH against lefties" role. We'll have to see how Girardi chooses to fill the lineup, but it looks like a good problem to have, as the Yankees offense is firing on all cylinders.

Freddy Garcia wasn't fooling anyone today, and the Orioles teed off on him for seven runs over only 2.2 innings. While the procession of mops that followed him did a good job of avoiding trouble, Boone Logan and Mariano Rivera made things interesting in the late innings.

Mark Teixeira added a solo home run and a base hit, Alex Rodriguez reached base three times, Robinson Cano hit and grand slam, and Russell Martin added a single and a double, rounding out the offense.

It's Phil Hughes and Tommy Hunter tomorrow at 7:05.

Play of the Game: Bobinson's Grand Slam increased the Yankees chances of winning by 23.5%, but Jesus Bomb 1 (12.8%) and Jesus Bomb 2 (14.8%) added more if you combine them.  I'll leave it up to you.

Comment of the Game: long time listener