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Game 139 Preview: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees

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After three straight come from behind victories, the New York Yankees enjoyed a more tranquil wire-to-wire 9-3 win over the Blue Jays last night, and will look to continue their win streak as they welcome the Baltimore Orioles to the Bronx.  Freddy Garcia, who allowed one earned run over six innings in his last start, also against the Orioles, will take the ball tonight.

Because it bears repeating:  The Yankees have received 273.1 innings from the combination of Garcia and Bartolo Colon.  The pair have combined for a 3.42 ERA and 4.8 WAR.  Thank the deity, luck dragon, or Cashman of your choice, because no one had any right to expect anything close to this.

Facing the Yankees will be Brian Matusz, who allowed six earned run in 5.1 innings in his 8/28 start against the Yankees.  There's a reason that the Orioles were so excited about him as a prospect and a rookie, even if he has had a very Phil Hughes-esque 2011.  Like Hughes, it's in there somewhere.

The Yankees do love facing lefties though, and are a robust 11-3 against the Orioles, with 98 runs scored in those 14 games (7.0 runs/game).  

Let's keep it rolling.  Game thread at 1:00.