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Yankees top Jays, 6-4

This man is a below .500 pitcher. He also may be wearing eye shadow.
This man is a below .500 pitcher. He also may be wearing eye shadow.

Didn't I tell you Ricky Romero would be great?

He pitched into the 7th inning, and if manager John Farrell hadn't gone to righty Casey Janssen to face Robinson Cano with 2 on and 2 out, the Yankees might have lost this game.

It was a fascinating moment, especially for me, since Farrell did what I beg Joe Girardi to do- forget the LOOGY and the platoon split, and use the best reliever to get an out.

Make no mistake, Janssen has been the Jays' best reliever this season. 1.1 WHIP, 8.5 K/9, team leading 3.3 K:BB ratio. If there's one pitcher to bring in to a "must save" situation, Janssen is the Jays' guy, the way Robertson is the Yankees'.

Janssen had a bad day, giving up a 6 pitch double to Cano and a 5 pitch single to Swisher before finally getting Andruw Jones to fly out.

On the Yankee end, Colon was effective enough, allowing a couple solo homers and getting nicked for a couple more runs while pitching into the 7th inning. Boone Logan got the win despite pitching less than an inning, while David Robertson pitched a 2 inning save.

I'd love to Girardi start stretching Robertson and Soriano out in preparation for the postseason.

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