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New York Yankees News and Notes

This is the last thing I want to see during a meaningless game. Please, Tampa, no more fastballs near A-Rod's neck.
This is the last thing I want to see during a meaningless game. Please, Tampa, no more fastballs near A-Rod's neck.

Ah, the last day of the season. It's about time. I'm starting to get bored of the meaningless regular season games. I'm ready for October baseball.

It's a pretty quiet time in Yankee Universe. The Yanks have clinched everything they were in control of clinching, and we still don't know for sure who the Yankees will face in the ALDS. All that's there right now is a "to be determined."

What else can we do? We've rosterbated plenty, as jscape and Brandon can attest to. We've even had a fanpost discussing the postseason rotation. Is there anything we haven't gotten to yet?

Well, I guess there's a thing or two we could touch upon a bit further.

Cano Bats Third, Tex Fifth in Likely ALDS Lineup -

Against right handed starters, Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira have swapped lineup positions. Texieira has been struggling mightily this season and Cano has been his usual self. Modern lineup enthusiasts will say the switch is meaningless, but who knows. Maybe the drop in the lineup will light a fire under Tex's you-know-what and he'll start hitting like the man who was a career .290/.378/.541 hitter before coming to the Bronx, rather than the .265/.363/.510 hitter he has been since his arrival.

Girardi said the change is something that the Yankees had been talking about, while also saying that the motivation behind the move was based on Cano's red-hot bat.


Yankees Weigh ALDS Pitching Possbilities -

The Yankees conducted their first official meeting to hammer out the postseason roster yesterday afternoon. Brian Cashman stated that their was "healthy dialogue," but there was still more to go over.

Cashman hinted that the Yankees have already decided who the starter will be in game three of the ALDS, and many consider Freddy Garcia to be the frontrunner. 

Joe Girardi also noted that the team will carry at most 11 pitchers on the staff during the ALDS, and may even limit that number to 10. 

Apparently, if the Yankees play the Rangers, Raul Valdes' name has been tossed around as a possibility to be the eleventh man, and second lefty, out of the pen. If Valdes does make the ALDS roster, I would be shocked if they only took 10 pitchers, including Valdes.

So if they take Valdes, who gets the shaft? I think it is pretty safe to assume CC, Nova, Garcia, Mo, D-Rob, Soriano, and Logan are all on the roster. If only three of Hughes, A.J., Colon, Wade, and Ayala can make it, who does?