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Postseason Rosterbation: Yankee Edition

"I don't know, jscape. I don't like to be pinch run for."
"I don't know, jscape. I don't like to be pinch run for."

Starters: Sabathia, Garcia, Nova, Colon

Bullpen: Rivera, Robertson, Hughes, Wade, Logan, Ayala

Batting Order: Jeter 6, Granderson 8, Tex 3, Arod 5, Cano 4, Montero 1, Swisher 9, Martin 2, Gardner 7

Bench: Posada, Jones, Chavez, Golson, Nunez, Romine

Yes, I left AJ Burnett off the roster. Unless Colon gets shelled tonight, those four have been our best starters, while Hughes has that vital "experience" coming out of the pen (of course, if he comes out of the pen and walks consecutive batters I may throw my tv out the window). AJ will stay stretched out in Tampa in case he's needed in an emergency. All mop jokes aside, Wade and Ayala have been too good this season to leave behind.

The Yankees are clearly best with Jesus Montero in the lineup, but I can't imagine Joe G. heading into the postseason without a backup catcher on the bench. I'm in the air about whether to include Nunez or Pena on the roster, as they should only be used to pinch run for a Tex or Posada (assuming Posada has pinch hit and reached base); my impression is of Pena as the better baserunner, but then I looked and saw he had not attempted a SB this season, while Nunez went 21 for 27 (77.8%).