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Yankees 2, Tampa Bay 5: (Nearly) Complete Game James

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The Yankees are in Tampa to close the season, and it's closing with excitement.

Of course, none of the excitement is for the Yankees, who have clinched everything there is to clinch, and who used a DH as a first baseman, a utility infielder in right, replace their second best catching option with their third best option.

In Hector Noesi's last start he lasted into the third inning, and everybody was happy and said "job well done." Not so much tonight.

Noesi faced 4 batters in the third inning without recording an out. Raul Valdes limited the damage, and a parade of Yankee relievers (Hughes, Kontos, Ayala) allowed a slew of baserunners as the Rays tacked on runs in the 4th and 7th.

In Baltimore, the Red Sox are getting in touch with their ghosts, losing 6-3 in Baltimore with the tying run at the plate, dropping them into a tie for the Wild Card lead with the Rays.

Complete Game James was on again tonight, and no small part of me hopes that the Red Sox don't choke away the Wild Card. The Rays could win the 2011 World Series the way the 2010 Giants did: scraping out runs and riding an untouchable pitching staff.

Comment of the Game: WhatWouldJeterDo, for summing up Yankee fans' conflicted desires in this series.

Play of the Game: BJ Upton's 3rd inning double off Noesi increased the Rays' chances of winning by 20.2%