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New York Yankees News: Rivera and More

Jack Curry and Marc Carig penned pieces about Mariano Rivera. You should seriously read both, they are both fantastic. Gained even more respect for Mo, which I didn't know was possible.

Here is a nice picture of a rainbow over Yankee Stadium.

The author of Moneyball would like to write a sequel to his story. Moneyball is a fantastic move, by the way.

The MLB will add a wild card team and hold the one game playoff, according to Joel Sherman.

Dan Knobler writes about how the Yankees turn the simplest moments into the greatest shows.

Here's a fantastic story that will brighten your day. Found a new player I like, and had my day brightened.

Questions of the Day:

Would you have preferred the Yankees went all out last night? Went semi-all out and used A-Rod and Jeter? What would you prefer?

Who are the Yankees biggest rivals that are non Mets, non AL East?

Should Hector Noesi make the playoff roster?

Should Bartolo Colon's start tonight decide if he gets a postseason start?