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New York Yankees News: 9/25/2011

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After it seemed likely that he had been lost for the season, New York Yankees starting pitcher Phil Hughes had a positive bullpen, and could get the chance to make one last start down the stretch.  Having last pitched September 12th against the Mariners, Hughes had the following to say on his progress:

Ball was coming out well, too.  Not only was I pain-free, but I felt good as well, arm-wise and locating pitches. Felt clean in my delivery.

This year has been a disaster for me, but now is the time to put all of that behind us and focus on what everyone has in mind for the postseason.

Unfortunately, Hughes has not been able to contribute much of anything in a season in which the organization hoped that he would climb up to the top end of the rotation.  Although he hasn't given many reasons to be hopeful, if he can find his fastball for the playoff run, that's one more arm to add to the mix.

Joe Girardi for manager of the year?  Somebody's gotta win it, right?