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New York Yankees News: Mariano Rivera, Awesome

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As you'd expect, the New York Yankees news circulating the internet this morning is weighted heavily towards the new all time saves leader, Mariano Rivera.  As round numbers and milestones often give us a reason (excuse) to write good things about great players, there's some interesting Rivera-themed articles that you may enjoy.

First, Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger on the patience and discipline that has become synonymous with Rivera.

Mark Simon, Four Letter with some very impressive numbers.

Some thoughts from Trevor Hoffman on handing over his record.

"Being second to Mariano Rivera, it's not like there's anything wrong with that. There's no shame in it.  I'm happy for him. He's earned it. And I'm comfortable where I stand."

So that I can call this a news post, here's something unrelated, the ERAs of the Yankees starters after the All-Star Break.  Oof.  Where would we be without Ivan Nova, and did we really send him down to AAA during the aforementioned second half?