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New York Yankees News and Notes

Ready to come back, Alex?
Ready to come back, Alex?

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. The Yankees lost a tough one last night, but in just a few short hours, Bartolo Colon will take the ball with hopes of getting the Yankees back on track. For now, on to your usual morning news.

A-Rod Rest Thumb, But Encouraged -

According to Alex Rodriguez, yesterday was the most reassured he has been since injuring his thumb. The reason? Separation from his top hand and bottom hand, leading to less stress on his ailing injured thumb. Kevin Long figured that the separation, caused by tape on the bat, would diminish A-Rod's power. When he took batting practice, Rodriguez knocked four balls out of the park and came away saying it was the best he's felt in over a month.

Even more encouraging, Girardi added that he expects to play A-Rod at third base today, and possibly Sunday as well.

Cervelli to Undergo Tests in New York -

Francisco Cervelli is still experiencing concussion problems and is expected to see a neurologist early next week. His return to the Bronx is still largely unknown. Since concussion symptoms are extremely unpredictable, Girardi has acknowledged that he needs to prepare as if he will not have Cervelli in time for the playoffs.

Are you listening, Jesus? Keep your gear ready.