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Pinstripe Alley and the Postseason

Mo: #7 on the list of things I love about October.
Mo: #7 on the list of things I love about October.

With the postseason around the corner, traffic to Pinstripe Alley is likely to jump, curious rival fans, baseball lovers, and dirty stinking trolls wander to our little corner of the interwebs to see what Yankee fans are talking about.

It's my favorite time of year, because inevitably, I wind up in a brilliant baseball discussion with someone who really loves the game, though not necessarily my team. It's what I write for, and it's why I keep logging on to Pinstripe Alley day after day.

So, as October dawns and tensions run high, please remember to be kind to each other (or to paraphrase Philip Larkin, if you can't be kind, at least don't be unkind). Cut me some slack when I overreact to a single play or a single game. Don't assume that just because a person doesn't understand the difference between WAR and wRC+ that they're a sabermetics hating simpleton.

What I've always loved about PA, and by extension SBN, is that while each site has a team focus, most of them are places for baseball lovers. I know some of you visit other blogs on SBN for the quality of their baseball talk. For the next couple months, I hope Pinstripe Alley can rise to the top of the list as a place that welcomes intelligent discussion.

Of course, the postseason (win or lose) will bring a fair number of dirty stinking trolls to the blog. You cannot drive off a troll with mere words; you need a banhammer. Luckily, the banhammer2000 is all shined up and ready for use. If there's someone trolling or flaming in a thread, just hit the "flag" button next to their comment. We'll take care of it for you.

I'm going to be away for a few days, I've got an event to attend on Saturday, but I'll see you all soon.

Be excellent to each other.