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In 12 Innings: Yankees 1, Mariners 2

A common face tonight.
A common face tonight.

The third game of a series after winning games 1 and 2 are kind of like playing with house money. To win is fantastic, to lose is disappointing but rarely crushing.

When the Red Sox lost earlier in the evening to the Blue Jays, even more pressure came off. And yet, to lose 2-1 in extras always has a special sort of sting.

Ivan Nova was brilliant. The rookie righty allowed one run while pitching into the 8th inning. He has been everything the Yankees could hope for this season; he has been the player I'd hoped Phil Hughes would be.

Jason Vargas matched him pitch for pitch, and the two teams limped into the 10th inning tied at 1.

The Mariners put the winning run on second in the 10th and 11th innings, but could never get the big hit to break the Yankees. And then Luis Rodriguez belted a walk off homer in the 12th off of (insert name of mop here).

In 12 innings, the Yankees had 6 baserunners: 4 hits and 2 BB. They didn't deserve to win this game. They didn't deserve to drag it into extra innings. Some days you tip your cap and move on.

Comment of the Game: indy42 and lolol for 5 word recaps.

Play of the Game: the other Rodriguez (-39%).

Playoff magic number: 7; Division magic number: 11.