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Yankees 3, Mariners 2 - Rivera 600

Mood Music - Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin

Mariano Rivera is great. Like, really, really great. I won't get too far into that greatness in this game recap, but, like everyone else, I'll use a round number as a platform to talk about what a tremendous player he has been (and still is). Rivera is beyond all of the superlatives that I could throw out about his consistency and dominance; no matter how much I gush about his career, I never feel like I do his brilliance justice. In fact, I'm almost certain that I'm selling him short.

And now he has six hundred saves too.

Rivera closed out a 3-2 win for the New York Yankees over the Seattle Mariners, sealing the win for A.J. Burnett. With the struggles of both Burnett and the Mariners offense, I said pregame that something would have to give. Tonight, it wasn't A.J., who, despite some early wildness, flashed the sharp curveball that has been so conspicuously absent lately.

Burnett allowed two runs over six innings, striking out eleven Mariners, before turning the game over to the bullpen. Rafael Soriano pitched a clean seventh and David Robertson did his bases loaded thing to get the ball to Rivera.

On offense, the Yankees scored three runs against Mariners starter Charlie Furbush, including a Robinson Cano home run and two more solid hits from Jesus Montero. The Yankees will look for the sweep tomorrow behind Ivan Nova.

Play of the Game: Trayvon Robinson's bases-loaded strikeout against D-Rob (+19%).

Comment of the Game: Scooby Snacks