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Game 147 Preview: Yankees at Mariners


Feel free to use this as an open thread before game time.

Mood Music - Tighten Up by The Black Keys

The Seattle Mariners have been held to three or fewer runs in ten of their last thirteen games.  A.J. Burnett has allowed three or more earned runs in eleven of his last twelve starts.  Something's gotta give.

After Phil Hughes, despite a few dances with the devil, managed six solid innings, the New York Yankees will look to clinch the three game series tonight against the exceedingly pun-able Charlie Furbush.

Furbush, acquired to fill the hole left by Doug Fister, has been a serviceable stop-gap for the Mariners.  While his overall numbers (4.84 ERA/5.11 FIP) look a little hairy, Furbush really cleans things up at home with a 2.81 ERA/3.87 FIP (split between the spacious parks of Safeco and Comerica).  Furbush managed to shave a few decimal points off of his unkempt ERA with 7.1 IP - 3 ER his last time out in Anaheim, and with things tightening up in the East, the Yankees will look to bury Furbush early to stretch the gap.

Jeter 6, Swisher 9, Teixeira 3, Cano 4, Montero DH, Jones 7, Martin 2, Nunez 5, Gardner 8

Game thread at 10:00.