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New York Yankees News Recap: A.J. Gone Wild

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A.J. Burnett's wildness is nearly unprecedented in modern history. Since the dead-ball era (which ended in 1919), he's the only pitcher to have three or more wild pitches in eight career games. He even has an outside chance to top the post-19th century record of 30, set back in 1905. 

  • Alex Rodriguez will miss at least a few more days. Joe Girardi said Friday in Toronto looks like the earliest date for his return. He's been out since last Friday with a sprained thumb.
  • Manny Ramirez was arrested for domestic battery yesterday after allegedly hitting his wife during an argument. You might recall that Manny retired from baseball in April after failing a PED test. Why do I get the feeling this won't be the last of Manny's post-baseball transgressions?
  • Mariano Rivera is approaching his 602nd career save, which would set a new MLB record. Is there any way you would you want Jorge Posada - who's caught him the vast majority of his career - to catch Mo's record-breaking save?
  • We sometimes deride Joe Girardi for overestimating Rusell Martin's defensive prowess, but it turns out he is one of the better catchers at "framing" pitches; in other words, he's good at stealing borderline pitches. As for a run value for that? Update: +14 runs/season compared to an average catcher. Hmm. Better than I expected.
  • The Staten Island Yankees won the opening game of the NYPL Finals by a score of 9-2 over the Auburn Doubledays (Wash. Nationals). With one more win they'll take the crown.
  • The Mets tried out Jesus Montero at their Florida facilities back when he was 16. He got injured within an hour of stepping on the field. Omar Minaya never felt he had a real chance to sign the young catcher, and the Mets' fell well short of the Yankees' $1.7 million bid.
  • Texas ace C.J. Wilson is an impending free agent and (coincidentally?) having a career year. Should the Yankees go after him? At the expense of Yu Darvish? The 2012 rotation looks to only have one opening, after CC, A.J., Nova and Hughes. I like Wilson a lot, and especially his handedness, but he'll be 31 and has only been a starter for two years now. It would be risky.
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