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New York Yankees News and Notes

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. I know things aren't perfect in the Yankee Universe, but try to keep some perspective. The Yankees are still 30 games over .500 and still own a three game lead in the loss column over the Red Sox. In just a few hours, Freddy Garcia will take on Ervin Santana with the hopes of salvaging this three game set. Until then, here's your usual morning news.

Playoff Edge Goes to Yankees Because of Bullpen - Chicago Tribune

Phil Rogers of The Chicago Tribune thinks the Yankees are the best team in baseball, and that their bullpen will give them an advantage come October. That bullpen will seemingly get deeper and stronger when the rotation trims from six to five, and eventually, from five to four in time for October.

Swisher's MRI Shows No Structural Damage -

An MRI on Nick Swisher's left elbow revelaed what Joe Girardi described as "mild tendinitis." He could return to the lineup after a few days off. Steve Donohue, the Yankees assistant athletic trainer, confirmed the good news to Swisher, who was initially afraid of Tommy John Surgery.

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A-Rod Still Dealing With Pain in His Thumb -

Alex Rodriguez will be out for the next three or four days with a recurring thumb sprain he suffered while fielding a ball in his first game back from the disabled list. He said that his "thumb definitely hasn't gotten worse" since an MRI on August 29th, and that he expects to deal with the thumb issue for the rest of the season, which seems to contradict his other statement:

I can certainly play through bumps and bruises. Even with bumps and bruises, I can do serious damage [at the plate]. But the way I am right now, I don't think it's possible.

So if it hasn't gotten worse, and you expect to have to play through it anyway, why are you missing time, Alex? With a struggling lineup, this team could use your spark.

Cervelli Has Concussion Symptoms, Romine to Join Team? -

Francisco Cervelli could miss the remainder of the Yankees road trip with concussion symptoms. The symptoms reappeared after a collision with Nick Markakis at the plate on Thursday's game in Baltimore. Cervelli has stated that he has been "dizzy" and very "sore" in his nose, mouth and neck and has suffered at least three previous concussions.

With Cervelli's concussion symptoms and a banged up thumb for Russell Martin, Joe Girardi hinted that Austin Romine could be called up in time for this afternoon's game.

Finally, this. For those of you who lost loved ones ten years ago today, I am truly sorry. It's a difficult time, and I wish you all the best. Hopefully, the Yankees can get a win and help take your minds off the tragedy for a few hours.

Have a good one, PSA.