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New York Yankees News: Shipping Out of Boston

Create a caption!
Create a caption!

Sure, I changed the song title around, but I don't care!

The Hometown Fan asks if Jacoby Ellsbury is the leading candidate for the MVP. As long as it goes to a player from a playoff team, I'm not totally angry.

The Yankees will open the new Marlins stadium with two exhibition games next season.

Bob Matthews believes that Nick Swisher is the Yankees unsung hero. The irony is that Swisher is known for singing. (Cue the crickets)

Donnie Collins writes about the players in AAA that "survived" the Trade Deadline.

I consider this one a must read:

Former Yankees batboy Luis Castillo tells some of his favorite memories.

Questions of the Week:

What Yankees season was your favorite? (That you were alive for)

What is your favorite non-playoff Yankees win of all time? Top 5?

Should Brett Gardner hit first vs. only righties, or lefties, too?

Do you think Jorge Vazquez will ever play a game for the Yankees?