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The Future is Coming Soon

I will miss Jorge when he's off the Yankees.
I will miss Jorge when he's off the Yankees.

No, the future is not the title of some new sci-fi flick starring Mark Wahlberg that is going to be in theaters soon.

The future is Jesus Montero's promotion to the MLB and the corresponding move that should be made. That corresponding move also points towards the future, as the same type of move will need to be made often in the Yankees future.

This move I am referring to is Jorge Posada's departure from the Yankees. I really tried to avoid writing this post, as Posada is a legendary Yankee and I love that. Simply put, though, Posada is not a major league caliber player right now.

Like Travis and Yankees2, and likely many more writers and users here at Pinstripe Alley, I believe that Jesus Montero will be promoted Tuesday. I also believe the Yankees will not release Jorge Posada. Instead the Yankees will will probably demote Francisco Cervelli and ignore adding another bat from the minors.

So, in one sense the future is coming soon. Jesus Montero will be promoted to the MLB soon, and he is a huge part of the future of the Yankees. In another sense though, the Yankees are delaying the future.

If the Yankees are unwilling to tell players like Jorge Posada in the near and distant future that they are hurting the team more than helping the team the future does not look too bright. The future needs to see players like Posada released, or at least given notice that if they don't hit they will lose their jobs.

Now, in my best case scenario future, the Yankees will make moves like this:

For this specific promotion, Jesus Montero should head to the MLB with his fellow Scranton power hitter, Jorge Vazquez, or speedster Greg Golson. Francisco Cervelli should be demoted, though he has played much better lately, and Jorge Posada should be released with an offer to join the upper management whenever he is ready.

I doubt the Yankees will do this, but this is the best group of moves that can be made. The Yankees want to keep delaying the inevitable release of Jorge Posada, but they need to learn.

The future is coming when Montero is promoted, and someone has to go when that happens. Eventually more prospects will be ready for the MLB, and more veterans will struggle. Team achievements are great, but production from all players is greater.