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Boston Red Sox 10 - New York Yankees 4

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CC Sabathia is a great pitcher in the midst of a tremendous season, but like everybody else, he struggles when he can't locate his fastball.  In his last start against the White Sox, Sabathia got away with some similar issues, but today the Red Sox made him pay.  The fastballs are green:

When you can't keep the ball down or around the corners and when you fall behind in the count to a lineup like the Red Sox, you're going to find yourself in a lot of trouble.  Doing most of their damage on belt high fastballs out over the plate, Sabathia surrendered seven runs on nine hits in six innings.

Against Red Sox starter John Lackey, the Yankees often threatened, but failed to put together a big inning once they put runners on base.  From Fangraphs:

To get out ahead of the "CC sucks against the Red Sox" flames that McBuck were fanning furiously, Sabathia came into today with a 3.88 ERA in 18 career starts against the Sox (3.49 career ERA).  He's been a little worse than his career mark average against what is traditionally a very good lineup.

The series will be decided tomorrow with Freddy Garcia and Josh Beckett.

Play of the Game: The home run by Jacoby Ellsbury to give the Sox a 7-2 lead.

Comment of the Game: Jedi Master A-Rod