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Yankees news: The first place edition

Friday represented probably the most rewarding Yankees victory of the season.

When the dust lifted on Saturday morning the Yankees had:

a) won their eighth straight game

b) moved into sole possession of first place

c) beat the ace of their arch-rival, on the road, for the first time in eight tries

d) received a true stopper performance from their beleaguered lefty specialist

e) successfully enacted the potentially devastating 1-2-3 bullpen punch of Sori-D-Rob-Mo.

f) scored a heavy blow in the great Kim Jones-Heidi Watney war of attrition.

OK, I don't know about the last one, but everything else checks out.

Dan Hanzus is a regular contributor to Pinstripe Alley. He can be reached at dhanzus@gmail or on Twitter @danhanzus.