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A-Rod Unlikely to be Suspended

Per SI's Jon Heyman -

... word out of well-placed Los Angeles poker sources is that Rodriguez is already trying to find poker games for next winter in L.A.

Unless there is something more to this story -- and MLB will indeed investigate -- Rodriguez will not be suspended... He will only be warned and re-educated about how to stay out of bad situations.

Well, that's good, I guess.

It's ultimately up to Alex what he does with his money. This primarily seems like a waste of time for MLB to "investigate" something that might be illegal. If playing underground poker is the worst thing a ballplayer does in his down time, MLB should consider itself extremely lucky.

Personally, I think it's stupid to do what he's doing (there are plenty of places to do it legally), but A-Rod doesn't earn $25M/year due to his intellect. This is who A-Rod is. He's not Derek Jeter. He often says or does the wrong thing.

But MLB is once again showing its hypocrisy. Where was the investigation when the owners almost certainly knew of rampant PED use just a few years ago?