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The Playoff Picture

Yeah, that's a sure thing.
Yeah, that's a sure thing.

With the White Sox in the rear view mirror, the Bronx Bombers can focus their full attention on the upcoming series with the Boston Red Sox. 110 games into the season, and the two teams coming to the first of 9 games in August and September in a flat tie for the best record in the American League.

A lot like last year, the AL East loser is all but guaranteed the Wild Card (the Angels are 8 games back, while the Rays and Indians are 10 and 12 games back.

For the Rays to climb back into the playoff picture, they need one of the Yankees and Sox to sweep the other in their 9 head to head matchups and then pick up another couple games on that team in the 9 games the Rays have left with the Yanks and BoSox.

For the Angels or Indians to push one of the AL East juggernauts out of the playoffs is easier, as they just need one team or the other to tank while they get hot, but it would also require the Rangers (8 back) or Tigers (10 back) to go on an equal hot streak.

Does this take some of the excitement out of the upcoming showdown at Fenway? Objectively, rationally- yes, I suppose it does. But fan is short for "fanatic," and on days like this I can set objectivity aside.