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Ramsey Wins Cape Cod League All-Star Game and MVP

The best college players in the country gathered at Fenway Park for the Cape Cod League's All-Star Game. The East All Stars beat the West All Stars.

In the fifth inning, James Ramsey of Yarmouth-Dennis hit a beautiful home run that arched perfectly into the left bullpen to give his East team their final 4-1 lead. Ramsey's shot was one that video montages are made of, and he chalked it up to Fenway's aura. 

"You walk out here and it feels like you're walking above ground, on air." he explained afterwards.

Normally I would not write about anything happening at Fenway Park other than a Yankee game, and normally I wouldn't care about what's happening in the Cape Cod league because those players are too far away from the major leagues to register on my radar.

But James Ramsey is my cousin, so in this case, I suppose an exception is warranted. Way to go James!