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New York Yankees News: 8/31/2011

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From yesterday's game preview:

Here's hoping that the Yankees win so that the overreactions will at least be positive.

Thanks for having my back, Andrew Marchand.  The Yankees winning behind CC Sabathia (with the Red Sox blowing numerous comeback chances and losing two runs because David Ortiz runs like Jorge Posada carrying Mark Teixeira) means that the rivalry is back, Sabathia has solved the Red Sox, and Adrian Gonzalez has no chance against any left handed breaking ball.

Now that we've got all that settled, here is some more even keeled praise of Sabathia, who made some great pitches and showed some brass cajones last night.

The last two games of this series will be pitched by Phil Hughes and A.J. Burnett, with one of them facing a likely booting from the starting rotation.  I'd ask, for the thousandth time, who you think should get demoted, but to (slightly) lessen the chance of being drowned in a cavalcade of "A.J.," I'll cheat a little bit:  If Good A.J. shows up and he throws eight shutout innings, while Phil Hughes gets bombed in the third inning, does A.J. still get the axe or do you give him a chance to build on a good start?  Does Good A.J. even exist anymore, or are there just varying shades of Mediocre and Bad A.J.?

Also, if you were holding out hope that Pedro Feliciano would make his Yankees debut at some point this season, it looks like that's not going to happen.  His plan of attempting rehab instead of immediately opting for surgery seems just as silly now as it did then.