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New York Yankee News: Now to Boston Edition

The Yankees earned a split in the four-game series against Baltimore with a win last night.

Of course, some fans are concerned that the Yankees only split with the Orioles. Other fans (like me) point out that with Automatic Junk Burnett on the hill for one of those games, a split is really like forfeiting a game, and then winning the series 2-1.

This then makes me ask why A.J. is pitching Thursday, but we have a couple days to ponder that sacred Binder mystery.

First up, Phil Hughes, he of the two vanishing fastballs (one vanishes from the hitter as it passes the strike zone, one vanishes from the pitcher as he enters his windup; you never know which one he'll throw!).

Jeter is likely to play in Fenway, but A-Rod is less so.

Rivera needs seven saves for 600, eight to tie Hoffman for the all-time record, and nine to make the record his own. Nine would also be 42 for #42. Given the way Girardi played last September, I'd bet against it, but it would be magic.

Nick Swisher has found his home run swing, clubbing his sixth homer in seven games. The Yankees need him to keep that groove into October.