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Game 133 Preview: Yankees at Red Sox

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Dial the hype machine up to eleven.  Narratives, narratives, narratives.

The Yankees, and CC Sabathia, have not performed up to their capabilities against the Red Sox.  The Yankees are one game behind the Red Sox in the loss column in the AL East standings.  The last time that John Lackey and CC Sabathia faced off, CC gave up seven runs and took the loss, while Lackey threw a quality start and earned the win.

Here's hoping that the Yankees win so that the overreactions will at least be positive.

Although John Lackey has been less of a disaster recently than at the beginning of the season, he has allowed three or more earned runs (but no more than five) in his past six starts.  He has been a near lock for ~6 mediocre innings.

I don't believe in due (and neither should you), but CC Sabathia is a lot better than he has performed against Boston this year.  Let's hope that can shine through.

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