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Yankees 3, Orioles 2: Stupid Home Runs

Not good enough!
Not good enough!

How are the Yankees going to win in the postseason?

I mean, all they do is hit homeruns.

The Yankees have hit 188 home runs this season, leading to a majority of their league leading runs scored.

The other thing the Yankees do is shut down the opposition.

But it's not like they're efficient! Freddy Garcia needed 88 pitches just to get through 6 innings, throwing 32 balls in the process. A guy like that is never going to throw a complete game shutout while striking out 12 (trade for Wandy Rodriguez?). The loser couldn't even keep the Orioles off the board.

And the bullpen wasn't all that great either. David Robertson gave up his first home run of the season, which we all knew was coming since he's bad at baseball. The Yankees' top relievers were asked to get a measly 9 outs, and they still managed to give up a home run and two walks with only 5 strike outs. That means less than half of the outs they managed to record came on strike outs. Good teams are going to destroy this bullpen.

How are the Yankees going to win in the postseason? I hope they learn to play some smallball because this winning by out hitting and out pitching the opposition is sure getting old.