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Thoughts on Curtis Granderson's Defense

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There was some pretty awesome discussion on fangraphs last week after Joe Pawlikowski posted Curtis Granderson's Defense and His MVP Prospects. The idea was that Brett Gardner's absurd defense and Nick Swisher's improvement in right field this season have hurt Granderson's UZR, and in turn, hurt his WAR.

WAR has become more popular in recent years and MVP voters have begun to consider sabermetric statistics when voting for award winners. Could his negative UZR totals, currently -5.9, hurt his MVP case? Should it hurt his MVP case?

The interesting thing is that Granderson posted positive UZR totals last season with the same outfield alignment, and his UZR for his career is +19. So what's the issue here? 

Should we toss out this season as an outlier? Does Granderson deserve be knocked down in the minds of voters for his UZR totals this season?

Here is part of Pawlikowski's conclusion:

As with every player evaluation issue, we should look beyond the surface and find the truth in every area we can. And who knows: maybe UZR does have it right on Granderson. Maybe he has declined precipitously this year. But with all the questions surrounding that assessment, including observations to the contrary and Granderson’s superb flanker, it’s likely that we have to look beyond WAR to get at true grasp of Granderson’s place in the MVP conversation.

Have at it, Pinstripe Alley. What's your take?