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Minor League Mondays: The Reinforcements

Hey there, fella
Hey there, fella

Mood Music - Hills of Eternity by Buckethead

The September first roster expansion and the end of the minor league seasons are drawing nigh, which means several things:  These posts are soon to be a distant memory and the Yankees roster will swell with September call ups.

The current (and uninjured) members of the 40 man roster who are not with the team: Kevin Whelan, Raul Valdes, Ryan Pope, Lance Pendleton, Aaron Laffey, Melky Mesa, Brandon Laird, Greg Golson, Steve Garrison, Chris Dickerson, Andrew Brackman, and Dellin Betances.  Fairly uninspiring.

As you'd likely expect, the boost will be in warm bodies to absorb some time in the last few months of the season, as the Yankees appear destined for another crawl to the finish line.  Greg Golson would have a spot on my playoff roster, I know the Binder is itching for a second lefty, and these September innings may determine who fills out the bench.

I won't mention the other guy who could hit his way on to the playoff roster.  But yeah, him too.  A few assorted notes: