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Close the Gate at Camden Yards

"Peace out, Orioles. I'm headed to California."
"Peace out, Orioles. I'm headed to California."

You know, I wasn't really irritated by the whole scheduling argument until about a minute ago.

The Yankees wanted to play a double header on Friday, but the Orioles refused. The make up game from April has been re-rescheduled to September 8th, which was originally a travel day before the Yankees fly to Anaheim.

The reason the Orioles didn't want to play a Friday double header was they knew no one would be there, and they'd lose the money from a potential sell out crowd, parking, concessions, etc. Oh, they made some excuses about the long road trip they're coming off of and about honoring Mike Flanagan. But it's baseball, so it's about money.

So here's my solution: the Yankees should forfeit that game in protest. Fly to Anaheim and ask the Orioles "how're the gate receipts now?"