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Ready for Irene

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Let's make this the open-thread for the day.

The Yankees are off today, with both games of the double header called.

I've got a flashlights, some candles, plenty of food and drinks, and the bath tub is full of water.

So here's the thing I've been thinking about:

Mark Teixeira, Russell Martin and Jorge Posada are all hitting in the .240, though Tex is at least hitting with power. For the second straight year, only Robinson Cano is hitting over .300.

Let's follow the popular narrative that the end of the steroid era has led to a decline in offense and we're headed back to a run environment as it was in the '70s and '80s. Assuming that's true, shouldn't we adjust our roster management? Carry fewer pitchers, play fewer matchups, and keep an extra player on the bench as a defensive replacement? For a decade the Yankees haven't had a regular player who deserved to be pinch hit for.

Over the course of 162 games, I'll take a Jeter (all offense, little defense) over Jack Wilson (all defense, little offense). But in the bottom of the 9th in a 1 run game, I wouldn't mind subbing Wilson in.