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New York Yankees News

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Phil Coffin takes a look at the history of the Yankees and the grand slam.

Jorge Posada played second base!

Posada on his True Yankee (c) throw: "That tells you right there why they moved me behind the plate."

Swisher on watching Posada in the field: "I'm thinking to myself, 'Man, you're, like, 15 feet from me -- what are you double-crow-hopping for?'"

We're all watching Irene:

It's likely that Saturday and Sunday's games will be washed out. Either way, the hurricane is expected to force the Yankees and O's to make up at least two games at some point later in the season.

I'm supposed to be at Sunday's game, but the little town I'm in on the Eastern Shore is prone to flooding (I said it's the Eastern Shore). My plan is to head north, and then come back when I know what kind of damage the town has suffered.

Jesus Montero had another two-homer game. Not saying they should call him up, just saying it's stupid to keep him down.