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Yankees 22, Athletics 9: Fear the Bombers

"Not bad for a short guy."
"Not bad for a short guy."

This is what should frighten the rest of the major leagues.

Oh, I'm not talking about the Yankees' relentless offense. Seven walks in one inning? Ho-hum. Three consecutive innings of 4+ runs? Big deal. Three grand slams (an MLB record)? Triple yawn.

What the American League should fear is the Yankees' bullpen.

Cory Wade pitched an inning and a third and allowed one run. Then came Hector Noesi, 1.2 scoreless. Then came Boone Logan, 1.1 scoreless, 4 Ks. Then Luis Ayala allowed a couple runs while pitching his 2 innings.

Not scared yet?

These aren't the guys who will be pitching in the postseason. Noesi might throw a pitch (in my dreams) or I suppose Wade could wait for mop duty. But in the postseason, Robertson, Soriano and Rivera will be available nearly every game.

Oh yeah, the lineup will be similar. And those guys are good at baseball.

Play of the Game: Muscle's Grand Slam (+43.1%)

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