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Minor League Mondays: Restocking

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The deadline to sign draft picks passed this week, with some mixed results.  Some picks, like scalding hot (.345/.445/.509) Dante Bichette Jr. were locked up long ago, but the Yankees were able to make a few more signings before the deadline hit.

Among the top selections with whom New York came to late agreements were Gregory Bird (fifth round, 179th overall) for $1.1 million and outfielder Jake Cave (sixth round, 209th overall) for $825,000.

I won't presume to be terribly knowledgeable about these amateur players, but signing the guys that the organization wanted is definitely a good thing.  The biggest loss seems to be the second selection the Yankees made, pitcher Sam Stafford, who will be returning to the University of Texas.  As compensation, the Yankees will pick 89th in the 2012 draft.

Brian Cashman on this year's draft philosophy:

Damon [Oppenheimer] and his staff went for tools and high-ceiling guys.  We had to wait so long [to make a selection], but I think they did a terrific job now that the process is over."

In the earliest of early returns, Dante Bichette Jr. has had a tremendous start to his Yankee career, and hopefully some of the rest of this draft crop can match his success.