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New York Yankees News: Cano, Harden, Martin, and Burnett

Teams from all over wish they could have players like Robinson Cano, the Boston Herald writes.

The Yankees are scouting Rich Harden, who was nearly traded to the Red Sox at the Trade Deadline, but why are they doing so? Is that a good move? The Yankee Analysts answer those questions.

Normally I hate putting anything written by anyone employed by ESPN in my news pieces, but I think this one is worth reading.

Russell Martin is having trouble hitting off speed pitches.

The Captain's Blog takes a look at the Yankees handling of the A.J. Burnett situation.

ESPN has entered Lou Gehrig into their 2011 New York Hall of Fame.

Deron Snyder believes that the decline of black players in the MLB should concern all fans.

Questions of the Week:

Justin Verlander or CC Sabathia: who would you want starting game one of a playoff series?

Should the Yankees try to acquire a second ace this off-season?

What would be on your baseball bucket list?

What beat writers do you like to read? Dislike?